Mini Shastri , Yoga Expert

I am usually wary of supplements because to my best abilities I try and balance my food intake. I would now and then just supplement my diet with Vitamin C. My regular intake of raw vegetable juices, whole turmeric and nuts would take care of my 'extras'.

When I was introduced to Wellscience, I was impressed with the natural active derivatives of my favorite ingredients (pomegranate, amla, turmeric etc). The need of my body to repair and recover; as my profession involves constant re building of tissues and muscles was instantly met. I am a new mother and my body is still struggling to cope with my frenzied days of teaching classes and coming home to a new baby. That has many times left me with a depleted immune system. Wellscience products have definitely helped me boost my energy levels and saved me from an imminent post baby hair fall too.

I trust the Wellscience products both intuitively and logically.

Soumya Verma, 15 yrs., Gurgaon

I’ve been suffering from a severe hair fall problem. There were broken hair all over my clothes, the floor. I tried everything to stop hair loss, but nothing was effective. Then my aunt recommended me the Wellscience Beauty. Initially I was sceptical, though I started consuming it, within 3 weeks time my hair fall was controlled by 75%. I still can’t believe it. Finally I am not scared to brush my hair. This product is wonderful.

Madhu Kakkar, 58 yrs., Gurgaon

I believe it was post menopausal syndrome ….there was swelling in my feet, brown patches on my face, depression became my companion. I began to believe that I have to live with them. Further my joints started hurting and I though Oh my god – osteoporosis!! painful sessions of calcium injections with my Dr. At this point of time Wellscience WomenHealth came to me as a blessing. After consuming it for a month now, my swelling of the feet is gone, depression has reduced, and I am feeling much better.

Santosh Chopra, 76 yrs., Delhi

Arthritis and constipation left me completely bedridden. I love to roam around visit my relative’s though I was always denied my age but I couldn’t deny my failing health. Then I started consuming Wellscience GastroCare, OrthoAid, MaxOrac, VitaMineral. After consuming them for a month, 90%my constipation problem is solved, joint pain at the ankle, shoulder, elbow have been considerably reduced. I have also got a great relief in my knee pain. Now I roam around freely at home, and am not scared to venture out.

Anita Agarwal, 43 yrs., Delhi

It was magic. I was suffering from pre menopausal syndrome. Frequent bout of depression, hot flushes, irregular menstrual cycle made my life miserable. At this point of time one of my friends recommended me Wellscience WomenHealth. What a relief ! After using it for 3 weeks, my menstrual is now regular, I am feeling fit and am personally relieved.

Pushpa Chawdhary, 72 yrs., Gwalior

I am an aging grandmother but very active with my grandson, I have been suffering from acute pain in my joints and have never been keen on taking medicines. My son whose wife is a Wellscience associate sent me a bottle of Orthoaid and said try them these will make a difference to you. And surely they did, within about two weeks of eating the complete dose, I felt a relief in my joint pain and swelling, I go about my daily chores with greater ease and no pain.

Vijay Bhatia, 39 yrs., Gurgaon

Vijay BhatiaI am very careful with health, though I was shocked when I got to know that my triglyceride levels were very high. My wife panicked and I got on a very strict diet, gave up drinking and started going for regular walks. Then my friend send me a bottle of cardio, I started having 2 a day, within 40 days when I went for my tests I was shocked to see that my triglyceride levels had come down drastically, I was delighted and now I recommend the product to everybody.

Asheet Lanba, 40 yrs., Noida

Asheet LanbaI had very hectic social life and was living with all sort of lifestyle issues, weight, stress, anxiety – visits to my doctor are a regular part of the routine. I got on to Wellscience supplements - cardio, gastro and maxorac. I have seen considerable change in the way I feel – aches and pains have gone, no heaviness in the stomach and my tests are much lower too. Now my wife is having these supplements too.